Universal Infant Free School Meals

  • From September 2014 all state-funded schools have been required in law to offer free meals to all their infant pupils.
  • Funding is provided by government at £2.30 per meal over 190 days.
  • An additional transitional allocation was provided to small schools with less than 150 pupils.
  • Initial allocations for the academic year 2014/15 were based on estimated take-up of 87% of the Jan 2014 Non-FSM pupils in reception, Year 1 and Year 2.
  • Adjustments for actual take-up will be made in May 2015.Schools receive their allocations based on:
    • July 2014 – 7/12ths of estimated allocations + all of the small school transitional funding.
    • May 2015 – 5/12ths of estimated allocations +/- adjustments for the difference between estimates and actual take up.
  • Copies of the UIFSM conditions of grant document, UIFSM toolkit and UIFSM funding allocations can be accessed below.



  1. UIFSM_conditions_of_grant
  2. UIFSM-Toolkit-7-April-2014
  3. Infant FSM Funding including Jan-15 census data