School / College Transport

We arrange school/college transport for children and young people in Peterborough who are eligible for transport under the School Transport Policy or the Peterborough Post 16 Transport Partnership Policy. This may be provided by issuing bus passes for public transport or using one of our approved transport providers. If you think your child may be eligible for assistance with transport please choose from the links on relevant pages to access the information you need.

Parents and carers have a duty to ensure that their children attend school and to make any necessary transport arrangements, including accompanying them where necessary on their journey to and from school. Parents and carers are responsible for their children until they are received onto the school premises and after they leave the school premises at the end of the school day. We will exercise our responsibilities as a corporate parent for those children who are in our care and provide transport in accordance with agreed policy and procedures.

In order to qualify for transport students must be residing within the Peterborough City Council boundary, i.e. the parent / carer must be paying their council tax to Peterborough City Council.